Snow Assignment for 1/14/11

Already Assigned:
Continue to work on your nonfiction book report. Begin to practice "teaching" your topic. While you are home, try out your 2 minute speech on a family member or neighbor. Remember to explain "how to" make/do your topic step by step. Speak clearly, simply, and enthusiastically! Ask your listener for constructive feedback. Continue to work on your tri-board posters as well as any handouts that you will use for your presentation.

New Assignment:
Pick one of the video prompts below and watch the video. Do either the Middle School or Upper School writing prompt (it only has to be a paragraph or two). Please bring your written/or typed response to class on Tuesday. Can't wait to see you again!

Piano Stairs
The Marshmallow Test
Apollo 11

How To Book Report

Super Croc

Bird Brains


The High Museum